GB WhatsApp Apk Latest Version v20.93.04 (Jan 2024) Download For Free

Have you heard about GB WhatsApp?, Do you want to try more features in WhatsApp? Are you bored with the same old WhatsApp? so you are in the right place. All of your questions regarding GB WhatsApp will be cleared. Hello Everyone, In this article we have shared I will be going to share the GB WhatsApp Latest Version apk with you. GB WhatsApp is the most popular WhatsApp MOD on the internet. It has everything customizable options, You can select from thousands of themes, layouts, and many more. We have shared information about GB WhatsApp like an Overview, why to choose GB WhatsApp? and all its features with explanations. You can get all information about GB WhatsApp in this article. I have also GB WhatsApp latest version APK download link for you. So read the article carefully and don’t skip any part of it.

GB WhatsApp

Before moving ahead it’s important to know WhatsApp WhatsApp and how it’s used. Many of us know about Whatsapp busy whoever doesn’t know about it, here is a quick summary of the same. So WhatsApp Messenger is one of the most popular social media platforms. It has many features to interact with people with the help of the internet. You can chat, communicate, interact, and share your life with WhatsApp.

It has many features which can help you to better communicate with each other. You can also make Voice and video calls with WhatsApp.There is an option to share 30-sec status, which will be visible to your contacts. However, there are many limitations and draws backs of WhatsApp. Because of this people start to use WhatsApp MODs like GB WhatsApp.

GB WhatsApp Download

This is the era of the internet. We all use social media to interact with people. One of the most popular social media platforms is WhatsApp. WhatsApp is been our priority, special when it comes to messaging and media sharing all of us use WhatsApp frequently. We all use WhatsApp to chat, communicate, and media share. It also has some unique features, like UPI payment, Voice and video calling, and quick status options.

Although WhatsApp is a good app. But using the same features, and doing the same thing for more time is boring. We all are humans, we have evolved to develop and to be the ultimate. So this should happen with WhatsApp too. WhatsApp has many limitations, on media sharing, and image sharing. Also, WhatsApp doesn’t give us more privacy, you cannot hide the “forwarded” tag and custom chatting status. Also, it has very less features. All of these makers of WhatsApp are boring and outdated.

Because of all these limitations and drawbacks, many users are moving to WhatsApp MODs like GB WhatsApp. In today’s article, we will be going to talk about GB WhatsApp. So GB WhatsApp is the most popular WhatsApp MOD available on the internet. There are thousands of customizations available in it, you can easily customize the Header to the bottom of the GB WhatsApp. There are no limitations in the GB WhatsApp. It allows you to send more media images and has more privacy options as compared to the original WhatsApp.

Why Should We Use GB WhatsApp APK?

Many of us are more friendly with WhatsApp, But they would hesitate to use WhatsApp MODs like GB WhatsApp. So the main reason for using GB WhatsApp is the greed for more. We all need more, more features, more privacy, more security, and more beauty. All of these are not available on WhatsApp. Because WhatsApp doesn’t have advertisements, the developer can’t earn more. This is one of the main reasons that WhatsApp has lagged.

Here WhatsApp MODs like GB WhatsApp, FM WhatsApp, Aero WhatsApp WhatsApp Gold take place. So GB WhatsApp is nothing but an upgraded and modified version of the same WhatsApp. It’s fully based on the original WhatsApp and offers you all the primary features, but the cherry on the cake is that you will get more features and customizations, and themes for a better experience. Also, GB WhatsApp gives you more privacy options, like Security lock, hiding status, tag, and many more. Also, GB WhatsApp is safe to use, there is no restriction on it.

Download GB WhatsApp Latest Version For Free

GB WhatsApp is the best WhatsApp mod available, also it has many amazing features to make your WhatsApp journey more interesting. But the main question is how to download GB WhatsApp Latest Version APK?, So the answer to this question is very important. As GB WhatsApp is been developed by third-party developers and it’s not the official version, so you will not get it from the play store. You need to download it from third-party websites.

But there is very risky to download any app from any website, without checking if is it genuine or not we shouldn’t download anything. Many websites share malware and viruses instead of WhatsApp MODs and it could be harmful to your device. But don’t worry my friends, we are here to help you out. We have taken all the risks and got you the GB WhatsApp Latest Version download link for free. You don’t need to worry about the safety of the app now. We have tested GB WhatsApp and provided a safe downloading option for all of you. There is no limit or money required to download GB WhatsApp, just go to our website and download GB WhatsApp for free.

Awesome Features Of GB WhatsApp APK

GB WhatsApp has many awesome features, there are thousands of customizations and amazing themes. You can use GB WhatsApp like never before. But for that, you must know what are the features of GB WhatsApp and how to use it properly. So below we have shared all the amazing features of GB WhatsApp and explained them very well. So read it carefully and don’t skip any part of this.

List Of Features

  1. Aeroplane Mode
  2. Decidated Groups selection
  3. Auto Reply Option
  4. Mass Message sending
  5. Message Scheduling
  6. Snooze Last Seen
  7. Dedicated Privacy Options
  8. Custom Call Blocking
  9. Hide “Forwarded” Tag
  10. Disable Message Delete
  11. Show ticks after the reply
  12. Hide Status ‘view’ Count
  13. Disable Status deleting
  14. Amazing Security Lock
  15. Add On Stickers and Wallpapers
  16. In-App Updater
  17. Wonderfull GB Theme store
  18. Universal Customisations options
  19. Home Screen Settings
  20. Chat screen customizations
  21. GB Widget
  22. Special Backup and restore options
  23. Styles and customizations
  24. Anti Ban
  25. Ads Free

Aeroplane Mode

All of us have many important works on the phone, and it gets difficult to turn off data to ignore the message from WhatsApp. Also, WhatsApp doesn’t have any option to turn off data specifically WhatsApp. But you can use GB WhatsApp instead, With GB WhatsApp you can use a dedicated airplane mode. It works the same as airplane mode on our phones. It disables all internet to WhatsApp.

Dedicated Groups section

We have lots of chats, and there are many groups, and chats combined on WhatsApp. So it gets difficult to find the groups and see their activities all the time. But no more, You can use GB WhatsApp and add a special section for groups. It will include all groups and their history in it. It’s will be easy to find groups and chat with them.

Auto Reply Option

The auto message is been one of the most popular features of GB WhatsApp. GB WhatsApp allows sending automatic messages to your contacts and groups specifically. You can easily set up an auto-messaging feature by adding contacts, writing the message, and setting the time and date to send the message. The auto-messaging features will send messages after the period only.

Mass Message sending

What if you want to send a message to lots of contacts and WhatsApp just allows 10 ?, so you can use GB WhatsApp Mass message-sending features. It’s an amazing feature to send any message in bulk, you can send any message to as many contacts as you want. There will be no limit. Also, you don’t need to resend the same message more times. Just set up mass message sender features and add your message. It will automatically send your message to all selected contacts.

Message Scheduling

Many times people are busy and we need to send a message at a specific time. But because of a busy schedule you can’t remember or get time to send messages. So here GB WhatsApp can help you out. GB WhatsApp has an amazing feature to schedule messages. With this feature, you can easily schedule your messages and send them at a specific time only. It’s a very helpful feature especially when someone is busy and doesn’t have time to send messages.

Snooze Last Seen

Privacy is very important, WhatsApp has some features to ensure your privacy but at some points, WhatsApp also is not 100% private. As you may know, your Last scene will be visible to everyone, and mostly you can just hide it. But now with GB WhatsApp, you can snooze your Last seen. This feature will freeze your Last seen to the previous one and give incorrect data about your last seen. It’s a very amazing feature to ensure your 100% privacy.

Dedicated Privacy Options

In the above feature, we have viewed how can we just hide privacy settings and increase our privacy in GB WhatsApp. But it’s not the end, GB WhatsApp has amazing features to make your WhatsApp account more private and safe. There are dedicated privacy options for contacts, groups, and Broadcast. You can easily tick and select your privacy settings like hiding ticks, hiding chatting status, and hiding the last screen from there for only a specific category.

Custom Call Blocking

Call blocking is also one of the most important features of GB WhatsApp. Many people just call you and disturb you frequently for no reason. So you can use GB WhatsApp to get rid of this. GB WhatsApp has custom call blocking and replies to make the person feel that they are not blocked. They will just see a message like, the user is busy, … is unable to receive WhatsApp call at this moment message whenever they call you.

Hide “Forwarded” Tag

You may have noticed that WhatsApp adds a “forwarded” tag on top of a message which is been sent 2 or more times. But you can easily disable it, by using GB WhatsApp. GB WhatsApp has a feature to disable forwarded tags and send any message seamlessly.

Disable Message Delete

Many people just send a message and delete it instantly, and it gets difficult to figure out what was the message. So you should use GB WhatsApp and disable message-deleting. GB WhatsApp message-deleting feature can disable message-deleting from your device. Also
if the other one deletes the message, then that message will not be deleted from your WhatsApp account.

Show ticks after the reply

There are many people whose messages are tricky and we need some time to answer them. So this feature will help you do it. GB WhatsApp has a feature to show the blue Ticks after you replay them. Before that, your seen will also not be visible to them.

Hide Status ‘view’ Count

For GB WhatsApp privacy is everything, You can hide your status view in it. GB WhatsApp allows you to hide the status view, also if you have watched the status. It’s an amazing feature to increase your privacy and watch anyone’s status without letting them know about it.

Disable Status deleting

There is an option to delete your status, although your status will be automatically disappeared in 24 hours many people just delete it before that time. So you can disable this status by deleting and watching their status anytime anywhere. It’s. Universal Customisation and apply to all of your contacts.

Amazing Security Lock

Many of us may use third-party app locks, but truly they don’t work properly on WhatsApp. So now you can use GB WhatsApp security lock instead, It’s an integrated WhatsApp lock to make your WhatsApp experience more private and secure. There are many amazing locking options and features. It’s an amazing security lock and works best with GB WhatsApp.

Add On Stickers and Wallpapers

GB WhatsApp is primarily the best WhatsApp MOD available. It has many Add features like Stickers and Wallpaper. GB WhatsApp has a collection of stickers and wallpaper to make you feel happier with GB WhatsApp. All the Add features are available for free. There is no restriction and you don’t need to worry about it.

In-App Updater

GB WhatsApp is a modified version of WhatsApp, it’s been developed by third-party developers and you can’t download it from the play store. So it gets difficult to find app updates for it. But no more GB WhatsApp has an amazing feature where you can just download the latest version of GB WhatsApp for free. Also, you can download GB WhatsApp from its official website

Wonderful GB Theme store

GB their store is the life of GB WhatsApp, without GB’s theme store GB’s WhatsApp is not complete. GB theme store has many wonderful theme collections that you will never in the other WhatsApp mods. GB WhatsApp theme collection has many amazing themes and a customizable interface.

Universal Customizations options

Universal Customization options are one of the most important settings of GB WhatsApp. It has many amazing customizations and features in it. You can do color settings, Style and feel, and many more settings. It’s a universal Settings option and affects all over WhatsApp.

Home Screen Settings

The home screen is the primary screen of WhatsApp. There are many things on the home screen. all chats are also listed in the Home screen settings. There are options to change header rows and floating buttons, and some important mod features. There are many triggers and toast available to make your home screen more beautiful and clean.

Chat screen customizations

The conversion screen is the most used in WhatsApp. No, you can do many customizations in GB WhatsApp and make it safer and more secure to use. There are many amazing customizations like an Action bar, picture settings, and many more customizations with it. There are many additional features available in the GB WhatsApp you can use it, customize it, and make it yours.

GB Widget

GB WhatsApp has its widgets. There are many amazing widget options to make GB WhatsApp more customizable. You can change text color, text fonts, styles, and images. It’s a free feature and you can use GB WhatsApp features for free. Just remember to download it from a genuine website like

Special Backup and restore options

GB WhatsApp doesn’t support Google Drive, Because it’s not 
safe to use many of us don’t use it. But now with GB WhatsApp you can easily do backup and restore, your backup file will be saved on your device and it will. give you 100% privacy.

Styles and customizations

GB WhatsApp has many amazing styles and customizations in its app. As you may hear before, GB WhatsApp is nothing but an updated version. It has many amazing styles, customizations, and features to make it more fun. There are many special features to enhance your GB WhatsApp looks and make it private.


There are many rumors about GB WhatsApp if you use GB WhatsApp your WhatsApp account will not be banned by WhatsApp?, so the answer is no, GB WhatsApp’s latest version APK comes with anti-ban features. You can use GB WhatsApp without any tension about GB WhatsApp anymore.

Ads Free

GB WhatsApp gives you an ad-free interface. It’s a free and open-source app. GB WhatsApp will never charge you for any of its features. All features are available to use for free. GB WhatsApp Latest Version is available to download on, it’s the official website to download GB WhatsApp.

Installation Guide For GB WhatsApp

Step 1. Go to our download page and click on download, to download GB WhatsApp’s latest version APK

Step 2. Now go to your file manager and search for GB WhatsApp APK then click on it.

Step 3. After, this your device system will ask for permission, called “Unknown Sources”. It’s stalled the third apartrthirddppartyhone, so enable it.

Step 4. If you have already enabled “Unknown Sources” permission before Then you may skip step no. 3.

Step 5. Now, click on the install button and wait till the installation process is going

Step 6. After installation is done, Click on open and enjoy your GB WhatsApp for free

Use FAQs For GB WhatsApp

Is GB WhatsApp safe to use?

Yes GB WhatsApp is used and secure to use. It’s nothing but an upgraded version of WhatsApp.It offers you Thousands of customizations and features.

Can I use GB WhatsApp on my iPhone?

Yes, you can easily use GB WhatsApp on your Phone too. You need need to download and install the IOS file for GB WhatsApp.

Can I Restore my WhatsApp data in GB WhatsApp?

Yes, you can easily restore your WhatsApp data in GB WhatsApp, but first, you need to back up it and then you can restore it to GB WhatsApp also.

How can I download Updates for GB WhatsApp?

You need to worry about it, GB WhatsApp has an app Updater option to check and download or latest version of GB WhatsApp. Also, you can easily download GB WhatsApp’s latest version from

Can WhatsApp Ban my account if I used GB WhatsApp?

Nope, GB WhatsApp is not a virus or a trojan, it’s just a modified version of WhatsApp. Also, the latest version of GB WhatsApp comes with anti-ban features, so you don’t need to worry about your account safety.

Can I use WhatsApp and GB WhatsApp on the same device?

Yes, GB WhatsApp is been developed to give you the ultimate experience. You can easily use both WhatsApp and GB WhatsApp on your device.

Where can I download GB WhatsApp’s latest version?

The downloading latest version of GB WhatsApp is not a very big deal, just visit the official website You can easily download the latest version of GB WhatsApp for free.

Which platform support GB WhatsApp?

You can download and install GB WhatsApp on Android, IOS as well as in windows devices. There is no restriction to installing GB WhatsApp, just use need to complete some hardware and software required to install GB WhatsApp on your device.

Final Words

In This article, I have shared GB WhatsApp With you. GB WhatsApp is a modified version of WhatsApp. It’s the most popular WhatsApp MOD available in the world. It has lots of features, a fully customizable interface, an Amazing themes collection, and many more. It’s one of the best WhatsApp MOD. Also, I have concluded some important information about GB WhatsApp, like an Overview, Why to use GB WhatsApp?, Downloading guide, an installation process, and many more. I have provided the GB WhatsApp Latest Version Download link for free. You can easily download any WhatsApp MODs from GBWAOfficial .com.

Notice:-In the above article, I have shared Information on GB WhatsApp. Also, I have provided some important information regarding the same. I have shared the GB WhatsApp download link for free. You can easily download the Latest Version of GB WhatsApp from directly. It’s an official website to download GB WhatsApp and all other WhatsApp MODs like FM WhatsApp, WhatsApp Gold, Aero WhatsApp, and many more. We have provided all APKs after testing and it’s safe to use on all devices. Also If you have any questions, suggestions, Or complaints regarding our website or its content then comment below we will reply to you soon.