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App NameFM WhatsApp
Size51.1 MB
Versionv20.93.01 (Official Version)
Android Requirement4.1+
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Have you heard about FM WhatsApp? Do you want to download FM WhatsApp? So you are in the right place. In this article, I have shared the FM WhatsApp APK with you. If you don’t know about it, here is a quick summary of FM WhatsApp. FM WhatsApp is a modified version of WhatsApp, It has many customizable options and features to give you more satisfaction. Many professionals with hard work modify it, but still, it’s a MOD because you will not see it on the Play Store. We have shared the FM WhatsApp download link in this article, so don’t skip any part of it.

Why should we need FM WhatsApp?

Many of us know WhatsApp and use it to do daily chatting and conversation stuff. However, there are many limited features in WhatsApp. Also, WhatsApp has many restrictions on sending media files and messages. We all hate this because we move to Whatsapp MODs like FM WhatsApp. Now regarding FM WhatsApp, it’s one of the best WhatsApp mods available on the internet.

The reason behind the success of FM WhatsApp is its customizable layout, design, and features. It has many amazing features to increase your privacy and security.  FM WhatsApp gives you more privacy compared to FM WhatsApp. In a very short time, it’s become popular among people. It’s available for free and safe to use. Also for your convenience, we have shared the FM WhatsApp direct download link for free.

Overview Of FM WhatsApp Messenger

There was a time when we communicated with each other only face to face. Over time we have changed, and the way we communicate is also changed.  Now the whole world is on social media, there are many popular apps to communicate with each other. The king of communication in social media is WhatsApp. It has many features and options to lessen your time and chat with everyone. But as we are upgrading we should upgrade our apps.

WhatsApp is somehow lagged and has the same limitations Because of this many people are moving to WhatsApp MODs like FM WhatsApp. The time is gone when everyone is happy with WhatsApp, it’s a WhatsApp MOD era. With thousands of customizations, themes, and features FM WhatsApp can be a better part of your communication and chatting. So what are you waiting for downloading FM WhatsApp MOD APK from GBwaofficial.

Download FM WhatsApp APK 23 For Free

FM WhatsApp is far better than WhatsApp in all terms but there are many questions in people’s minds. One of the most asked questions is where can we download FM WhatsApp APK 23?, So it’s been very difficult to find the original website to download FM WhatsApp. Many websites just download viruses and malware which can be harmful to your devices. Hence it gets more important to download FM WhatsApp from a genuine platform.

Download FM WhatsApp Apk For Free

So the official website to download FM WhatsApp is, This site gives you safe and secure WhatsApp MODs for free. There is no restriction and nothing. Also, your safety is the most important priority of this website. So I prefer you to download the FM WhatsApp APK 23 from

Amazing Features Of FM WhatsApp APK

FM WhatsApp is one of the most popular WhatsApp MODs.There are many amazing features, customizations, and themes to make your experience greater. So we have shared all the amazing features of FM WhatsApp below with the best-ever explanation of it.

List Of Features

  1. Hide Chating status
  2. Fabulous fonts and Sticker
  3. More Media sharing
  4. Special FM theme Store
  5. Disable the “Forwarded” tag
  6. Custom Call Blocking and message
  7. Disable Message Deleting
  8. Automatic Reply settings
  9. More Forward Limit
  10. More Images Sharing
  11. Disable the Status viewed
  12. Special Privacy options
  13. Amazing Security Lock
  14. Home screen Layout settings
  15. Conversation Screen Settings
  16. FM WA Widgets
  17. Style and looks modification
  18. In-app Updater
  19. Dedicated Backup and restore
  20. Anti-Ban account

Hide Chating status

WhatsApp has many limitations, One of the worst limitations is you can’t hide your chatting status, like typing, Recording, and listening type of status. But many of us want more privacy and want to hide this. So you can easily do that with FM WhatsApp. FM WhatsApp Hide Chating Status feature allows you to hide your chatting status from everyone. it’s a very awesome feature to increase your privacy.

Fabulous fonts and Sticker

There are very limited fonts and stickers available on WhatsApp. we all use that and are bored to use it. So here FM WhatsApp has all new fabulous font styles and stickers to make your chatting more interesting. Now you can express your chatting more wonderfully. All fonts and stickers are freely available to use in FM WhatsApp. Just download the FM WhatsApp APK from GBwaofficial.

More Media sharing

We all use WhatsApp and chat, share, and communicate with it. It also allows you to send media files up to 15Mb, But you can’t send a media file more than this. So the solution to this is using FM WhatsApp. FM WhatsApp has a media sharing limit of up to 200 Mb. Now you don’t need to worry about big media sharing, just install FM WhatsApp and share nearly unlimited size media files.

Special FM theme Store

FM WhatsApp is primarily known for its amazing themes and features. FM WhatsApp is its FM theme store to gives you amazing themes for WhatsApp. FM Whatsapp has an amazing theme collection and exclusive store. You can easily download and install your favorite theme from the FM WhatsApp theme store. All themes are free and easy to use.

Disable the “Forwarded” tag

WhatsApp has enabled the “forwarded” tag in any message forwarded more than 2 times. This tag looks very ugly and looks like the message is fake and forwarded many times. But it’s not always true. So you can easily disable this by using FM WhatsApp’s amazing feature of disabling the “Forwarded” tag can help you out. You can easily disable the forwarded tag with it.

Custom Call Blocking and message

There are many annoying people in our life, we want to ignore them without letting them know about it. But if you block any contact from WhatsApp they will let you know it very easily. Don’t worry my friend, FM WhatsApp can help you very well. FM WhatsApp has Custom Call blocking with messages. You can block any contact from calling you, Also can get a custom message like, The user is busy, The user is unable to take WhatsApp calls at this moment, and many more.

Disable Message Deleting

Many times people send messages and delete them instantly, We didn’t get to know what the message was and couldn’t see it. So you can solve this problem easily, with FM WhatsApp. FM WhatsApp has an awesome feature that can disable message-deleting.  With this feature, no one can delete messages from their phone. Also if anyone deletes any message it will be reflected on their Whatsapp account only, not in yours. It’s a beneficial feature to make the message as proof, without losing it anyhow.

Automatic Reply settings

Everyone uses WhatsApp, and just as we only have 24 hours it gets difficult to arrange and reply to every message, it’s a very time-consuming process. So to get rid of it you can set automatic replay in FM WhatsApp. FM WhatsApp allows you to make an automatic Reply, and you can set up a custom query or message and its response. If anyone messages with your query your set reply will be sent to them.

More Forward Limit

Whatsapp is very limited, it has limited features, themes, customizations, and privacy options. One of the limitations is that you can’t forward any message to more than 10 people at a time. But no more my friends, with FM WhatsApp you can send any message to more than 250 people at a time. It’s a very huge number and looks like unlimited. It’s a very helpful feature of FM WhatsApp.

More Images Sharing

WhatsApp doesn’t allow you to send 30 images at a time. If you want to send more images you need to send them multiple times, and it’s a very time-consuming task. So you can use FM WhatsApp instead. FM WhatsApp has an image-sharing limit of 100s. You can easily send 100s images at a time. There is no image size limit and no restriction in FM WhatsApp.

Disable the Status viewed

If you watch any status, your name will be shown to the user who took that status. But what if you don’t want to show up your name to them? so it’s possible. FM WhatsApp has an amazing feature to hide your status view. Your name will not be mentioned to the status owner. It’s a very awesome feature to increase your privacy and watching status without letting them know about it.

Special Privacy options

FM WhatsApp has the option to disable privacy settings, like typing, Recording, and listening status. But what if you want to hide your chatting status from a set of people like for contacts, groups, or broadcast ?, So you can easily do all this with the help of FM WhatsApp. FM WhatsApp has special privacy options, you can choose custom hiding options that will apply to your selected special category only. It’s a very helpful feature to hide your status from only a set of people and use FM Whatsapp normally with others.

Amazing Security Lock

You may have used app lock or privacy lock apps, all of these are third-party apps and it doesn’t work properly with WhatsApp. So now you can use FM Whatsapp’s amazing security lock instead. FM WhatsApp’s security lock has many amazing features to make your chat more private and safe. It’s a very strong and private lock. There are many locking options, like fingerprint, pattern, and password. You can also set recovery questions to reset your lock if you forget it.

Home screen Layout settings

FM WhatsApp is one of the top WhatsApp MODs. There are many amazing features and thousands of customizations. One of the most popular customizable options is Home screen Layouts. In FM WhatsApp you can easily customize the header, floating buttons, story and status notifications, ringtone toast, and many more. There are so many options that your FM Whatsapp will look amazing.

Conversation Screen Settings

Conversion Screen is one of the most used windows on WhatsApp, So you should make it awesome with FM WhatsApp. FM WhatsApp has special customizable options for the conversation Screen. You can customize, the action bar, bubble ticks, profile pic wallpaper, hide data and name, and many more. There are many options to make your FM WhatsApp experience more private and safe.

FM WA Widgets

FM WhatsApp has many amazing features, One amazing feature is FM WA widgets. FM WhatsApp has a fully customizable widget and options. There are many customizable options, like background color, contact name, contact status and colors, and many more. It’s a very helpful feature. You can set your profile pic with many different designs with FM WhatsApp.

Style and looks modification

FM Whatsapp has many amazing styles and looks, you can modify your FM WhatsApp to the next level. There are many customizable styles, you can easily use them to increase your experience. It’s a very cool feature and gives a new shine to FM WhatsApp.

In-app Updater

You can download FM WhatsApp from our website, but if you just want to download FM WhatsApp updates quickly, there is an app Updater available in FM WhatsApp. In-app Updater will give you the latest version of WhatsApp very easily. You don’t need to find it on the web and no need to worry about safety. But if you want to get its features explanation and latest version safe checked we are always there. You can easily download FM WhatsApp’s latest version and updates from Also, we have shared all WhatsApp MODs on our website so you can check them out.

Dedicated Backup and restore

You could know about the back option for chats. But there is no option to backup media and all settings of WhatsApp. Also, this is not a safe backup, your data is being stored and can be used or sold. So you can use FM WhatsApp Backup and restore features and ease your data with more safety and security. Your backup will be saved on your phone, so there is no chance of misuse of your data. You can restore data from your phone afterward.

Anti-Ban account

There are many rumors about FM WhatsApp, One of the more common rumors is that your WhatsApp account will be banned if you use FM WhatsApp, so this is a fake message circulating to us. Please don’t trust this, FM WhatsApp’s latest version comes with anti-ban features. These features ensure the safety of your account. Your WhatsApp account will remain safe and secure with FM WhatsApp. So download and install FM WhatsApp and neglect this type of rumor.

No Need To Root Device

Many of us think that using WhatsApp MODs will need to root your device. So let me clear this up, you don’t need to root your device to use FM WhatsApp. There is only a fake WhatsApp MODs version that requires root access. Because rooting your phone will give 100% access to them and it could be harmful to your device. So never Root your device. Use FM WhatsApp without rooting your phone and have fun.

Zero Ads

There are many WhatsApp MODs available that show ads and promotions. Many of us think that this is a tendency of WhatsApp MODs and we just use it and vice versa. But my friend this is not true, these apps are modified by third-party developers and earned from you. But you don’t worry about FM WhatsApp.FM WhatsApp has an ads-free interface. You will never need to watch any ads or promotions. It’s a very WhatsApp MOD and you don’t need a single penny to use it.

Simple Installation Guide

  • First Go click the download button, then you will be redirected to the downloading page, then Click on the download button and wait till it completes
  • After that go to your file manager and search for FM WhatsApp APK, which you have just downloaded.
  • Now, click on it. After this, your phone will pop up a window asking for permission to enable “Unknown Sources”, so enable it.
  • If you have already enabled “Unknown sources” before then skip this step.
  • After this click on install and wait till the installation process is going on.
  • When it completes, click on open and start using FM WhatsApp For free.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I download the latest version of WhatsApp for free?

ans. FM WhatsApp is not available in the Play Store, and it gets difficult to figure out the genuine FM WhatsApp APK among all websites. Many websites are malware and viruses with FM WhatsApp, so you should be careful before downloading from any of these websites. But no worries, we are here for you. On our you can easily download FM WhatsApp. We have provided all safe and secure WhatsApp MODs on our website. You can download WhatsApp MODs from our website freely.

Who is the developer of FM WhatsApp?

ans. So the answer to this question is not that clear, FM WhatsApp is modified by many developers because it’s one of the most popular WhatsApp mods. It’s been developed by Fraud Mokdad and some more developers like XDA.

Why is FM WhatsApp also known as Fraud WhatsApp?

ans.  FM WhatsApp is modified by many developers, and one of the most popular FM WhatsApp is developed by Fouad Mokdad. He is a developer of many popular WhatsApp MODs like GB WhatsApp, FM WhatsApp, and many more.

Is FM WhatsApp safe to Use?

ans. FM WhatsApp is one of the most popular WhatsApp MODs on the internet. But many of us have questions are they safe to use?,  So the answer to it is yes FM WhatsApp is safe and secure to use. You just need to download FM WhatsApp from a genuine platform like We have shared the FM WhatsApp download link with you.

Which OS platforms support FM WhatsApp?

ans. You can easily download FM WhatsApp on Android, IOS, and windows very easily.

What are the lowest android version requirements to install FM WhatsApp?

ans. You need at least android version 5.01 and more to install FM WhatsApp on your android devices.

Can I use my WhatsApp account in FM WhatsApp?

ans. Yes, you can easily use your WhatsApp in FM WhatsApp. There is no restriction on it. Also, you can restore your data from WhatsApp to FM WhatsApp.

Is FM WhatsApp paid?

ans. No, FM WhatsApp is free to use and you don’t need to spend a single penny. There are no restrictions and nothing. Also use and use all features, customizations, and amazing themes for free.

Last Words

In this article, we have shared FM Whatsapp with you. It’s one of the top WhatsApp MODs available. There are many stunning features and customizations available in it. It’s free to use and gives you more safety and privacy compared to WhatsApp. We have also shared some important information about FM WhatsApp, like an overview, of why FM WhatsApp, and explained its amazing features. Also, we have shared the FM WhatsApp download link for free. So you can easily download FM WhatsApp from


In the above article, we have shared FM WhatsApp with you. It’s a very awesome WhatsApp MOD. You can use many amazing features in it. We have also shared the FM WhatsApp download link with you. Also, we have shared GB WhatsApp, Yo WhatsApp, WhatsApp Gold, and all WhatsApp MODs on our website, You can easily download any WhatsApp MODs from there for free. All apps provided by us are checked and safe to use. We never share any app that is harmful to you. That’s for this article see you soon. If you have any problems, questions, or requests about our content or website then, you can comment to us and we will reply to you very soon.

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