JT WhatsApp Download (V9.94) Latest Version For Free In 2024

App Name JT WhatsApp
Size56 MB
VersionV9.94 (Official Version)
Android Requirement4.1+
Updated On2 Hours Ago

Hello Everyone, Are you using WhatsApp?, Do you want to access more features of WhatsApp?, Do you want to use WhatsApp with more features? If yes then we are in the right place. In today’s article, I will share the JT WhatsApp APK with you. JT WhatsApp is one of the best WhatsApp MODs available in the market. It has many customizable widgets, beautiful themes, more features, and increased security and privacy. Also, we will talk about the overview, How to use it, features, installation guide, and some useful FAQs about JT WhatsApp. I have shared the JT WhatsApp APK download link for free. So read the article carefully, and don’t skip any part of this article to download and install JT WhatsApp easily.

What is WhatsApp APK?

WhatsApp is one of the most popular social media apps used globally to chat, share, and communicate with people. It is the number one app for communication. It has many features and options to help you communicate more easily. It’s used by people and businesses to increase transparency between both. It has End-to-end encrypted message facilities. It has options to increase and maintain your privacy and data security. People started to think that Telegram could be the number one app in communication but because of the highly increasing number of users WhatsApp more popular.

Why should we use JT WhatsApp APK?

You must be thinking that if we have Big WhatsApp MODs like GB WhatsApp, FM WhatsApp, Yo WhatsApp, and many more, why we should use JT WhatsApp? The answer is very simple my friend. The other WhatsApp MODs have thousands of features. Some of them are not essential, we don’t need to use them. So because JT WhatsApp is used. It is very simple and easy to use. It has a very smooth interface and design.

It’s mainly modified to give you more privacy and security. JT WhatsApp is modified to give more features and efficiency than WhatsApp.Because of this developer has released more than 40 MODs of WhatsApp. Not only from the original app but MOD APK like, WhatsApp + MOD APK developer noticed people’s attention and developed JT WhatsApp.

Overview Of JT WhatsApp APK

The Internet has changed the world, people changed, their needs and wants have changed and the way of communication has changed. In this modern world, we use the internet to communicate with each other, or we can say social media. One of the most popular social media apps is WhatsApp. I am sure you have used it once. In the internet race, WhatsApp has achievements and set many benchmarks.

Download JT WhatsApp Apk For Free

But as we are growing day by day we used to get bored with WhatsApp. Its features, functions, and themes have been old and classic. We want something new and trendy to sustain in this modern world. Here is where we thought of WhatsApp MODs like JT WhatsApp. Get WhatsApp is one of the top WhatsApp MODs available today. Get WhatsApp has many customization options, Exclusive themes, All layouts and designs that are changeable, Many top features, and increased security and privacy.

Features Of JT WhatsApp APK

JT WhatsApp is one of the best WhatsApp MODs available now. It has many amazing features and customizations. Also, it has many features to increase your privacy and security. It is easy to use and has many customizable widgets to help you use WhatsApp more useful.

List of Features

  1. Auto Reply
  2. Bulk Message Sender
  3. Flight Mode
  4. Dark Theme
  5. Offline Mode
  6. Freeze Last seen
  7. Disable “view once” Update
  8. Disable the “Forwarded” Tag
  9. Call blocking & Custom Message
  10. Custom Privacy
  11. Disable Status ‘view’
  12. Disable message-deleting
  13. Hide Ticks
  14. Show blue Ticks After the Reply
  15. Specific Privacy Settings
  16. Security Lock
  17. JT Themes
  18. Universal Settings
  19. JT WhatsApp Widget
  20. Conversation Screen Settings
  21. Home Screen Settings
  22. Anti Ban
  23. No Root Required
  24. Ads Free
  25. In-App Update

Auto Reply

JT WhatsApp has many amazing MOD features, it is been old to use the same old WhatsApp for messaging. JT has a very useful feature of Auto Reply. Auto reply helps you to get an automatic message that will be sent to your contacts whenever they message you. The message could be anything, like Hi, hello, etc. It’s a very helpful feature for businesses and small enterprises to help their customers with instant messages.

Bulk Message Sender

WhatsApp has many restrictions and one of the reactions is you can’t send a message to more than 5 people at a time. It’s a very worst problem with WhatsApp. But no worry my friend JT WhatsApp has a feature to send a bulk message. You can send a message to as many people as you want. There is no limit to sending the message. It will save you time in sending messages.

Flight Mode

You must be wondering that if we have a flight mode then why do we need a flight mode on JT WhatsApp? So my friend it is a dedicated Flight Mode for JT WhatsApp only. It will terminate your JT WhatsApp connection and other services whenever it’s on. Now you don’t need to turn off your internet for WhatsApp.Instead, use JT WhatsApp, and on flight mode, the internet connection will be stopped for JT WhatsApp only.

Dark Theme

You may have used Dark theme in many apps, and now it’s available in JT WhatsApp also. You don’t need any other extensions, purchases, or any other version. Just download and install the JT WhatsApp and enjoy using Dark them for free.

Freeze Last seen

Your privacy is most important, today’s world is all about data. So you should care about your data. JT WhatsApp cares about it because it has a feature to freeze your Last You can freeze your Last seen to an older one. No one will be able to know your status whether you are online or not. Also, this feature helps you to get rid of unknowing messages and users.

Disable “view once”

If you have used WhatsApp you must notice the View Once feature. It’s a new feature that allows you to see the image once per user. But not more, JT WhatsApp has a feature to disable or hide the view once. You can open and watch any message unlimited times without any restriction. Also, you can watch the view once message for unlimited times, like new. messages.

Disable the “Forwarded” Tag

If you have noticed WhatsApp sets a default “forwarded” tag on the top of a message if it’s seen by more than 3 to 3 persons. This is a very bad tag so JT WhatsApp has a feature to disable the “forwarded” tag permanently. You can easily hide forwarded tag messaging in JT WhatsApp settings.

Call blocking & Custom Message

JT WhatsApp is overall the very best social media app it has many features unique features. One of those features is Call blocking and custom messaging. You can block any contact/contacts from calling you. Also, there are custom message options like No calling, Call denied, not answered, and …. is unable to receive WhatsApp call. You can easily set any contact, groups, and many more.

Custom Privacy

JT WhatsApp is very concerned about your privacy. It has a feature to set privacy settings for contacts, groups, and BH Broadcast. You can easily hide Blue Ticks from the microphone, and typing and recovery status. You can easily enable or disable privacy settings. It’s a very easy and simple interface, anyone can easily.

Disable Status ‘view’

WhatsApp shows views, of a Status and how much people looked at your status and time. But WhatsApp doesn’t have any feature to hide your status view. But no worries JT WhatsApp got you, You can easily hide your status view in JT WhatsApp. It’s a very useful feature for privacy. This feature will disable your status view count even if you view the status. It’s a free and most useful status.

Diable message-deleting

Many times people delete messages, and you don’t get to know what message they have sent. So here JT WhatsApp comes, JT WhatsApp allows you to disable message Deleting. If anyone sends you messages and deletes them, then it will only delete their device, not yours. It’s a very helpful feature to increase your privacy and message transparency.

Hide Ticks

Anytime we view a message and we are online then it shows double Ticks, and if we open the message and see it, then the ticks turn blue. It’s a message view identification type for WhatsApp. But what if you want to see the message without getting any ticks? So here JT WhatsApp helps you. JT WhatsApp has a fabulous feature to hide Double Ticks and Blue Ticks from messages. It’s a very helpful feature to see the message without getting known.

Show blue Ticks After the Reply

Most times you don’t want to replay someone, without showing them you read their messages. Here JT WhatsApp MOD features can help you. JT WhatsApp has a feature to Show blue Ticks after a reply. That person will never get to know that you read their messages until you reply to them. It’s a very helpful feature to increase your privacy and security.

Specific Privacy Settings

Many times there are very specific categories in which we want to hide our online and message status. So JT WhatsApp has a feature to specifically select who can see your messaging status or Tick status. You can select from your contacts, Groups, or your broadcast. There are very simple tick settings to set up Specific privacy.

Security Lock

App lock is a very important element of APK. It’s a very important part to maintain, the privacy and security of your apps. But most app locks fail and can be hacked easily. So here Jat WhatsApp can help you out. JT WhatsApp has an inbuilt lock to increase its security. You can set Fingerprint, Pattern, or pin locks easily. JT WhatsApp has recovery options and questions to help you reset the lock easily. Also, it has many customizable options available on it.

JT Themes

WhatsApp MODs are mostly known for their fabulous and attractive themes. But JT WhatsApp is more than that, JT WhatsApp has a theme store with thousands of attractive themes. JT themes are free to install and use. It has many customizable widgets to make it more attractive. JT themes can make your WhatsApp conversation more attractive.

Universal Settings

JT WhatsApp has many amazing customizations. JT WhatsApp has a universal Settings selection to help you customize everything on JT WhatsApp from one place. Universal Settings gives you access to colors, the Look and feel of JT WhatsApp, Media settings, Backup and restore, and many important settings. It’s a very helpful feature of JT WhatsApp.

JT WhatsApp Widget

JT WhatsApp has its custom widgets. You can customize widgets in JT WhatsApp easily. It increases your attention and beauty to JT WhatsApp. There are many customizations available for a widget you can change its color, background, contact status, and text bar. It’s a very cool feature of JT WhatsApp, you can use it and show it to WhatsApp user friends.

Conversation Screen Settings

The conversation Screen is the most used in WhatsApp. When it comes to JT WhatsApp it becomes more customisable and interesting. JT WhatsApp Conversation Screen Settings gives you access to many important settings. This has a customizable interface for most used things, to help you have a better experience. You can change the Action bar, Ticks settings, image settings, and many miscellaneous options.

Home Screen Settings

If it’s about customisations then the home screen is the most important aspect to cover. It’s the front and face of JT WhatsApp. JT WhatsApp screen settings allow you to set up many customizations in the home screen Settings. You can change the header, Rows, Action button, Status settings, and many more. It’s a very useful feature to make your home screen more attractive.

Anti Ban

JT WhatsApp is one of the most popular WhatsApp MODs available. It’s a free and easy-to-use WhatsApp MOD. If I used JT WhatsApp, would my account get banned? the answer is no, your account is fully safe and secure with us. Your account will never be banned. JT WhatsApp follows all the guidelines and rules of WhatsApp. it’s a legal and fully secure APK.

No Root Required

Will you need to Root your device to use JT WhatsApp, so The answer is no, my friend. You don’t need to root your phone. you can use all the features. It’s a free and working MOD APK, you don’t need to spend a single penny to use JT WhatsApp. We have shared the JT WhatsApp Download link for free.

Ads Free

JT WhatsApp has no ads, But you must be wondering why WhatsApp also doesn’t have any ads. Yes, that’s true but most WhatsApp MODs have ads in them. JT WhatsApp is different from them, it doesn’t have any ads or brand promotions on it. JT WhatsApp is a pure and freely working WhatsApp MOD. You don’t need to spend a single penny on JT WhatsApp. All features, themes, layout, and customizations are free.

In-App Update

JT WhatsApp has amazing features called In-App Update. It will help you to find and download the latest version of JT WhatsApp. You don’t need to go on any third-party websites. Also, you will get many amazing WhatsApp MODs on Gbwaofficial.com.

Installation Process

  • Step 1. Click on the download button and download the JT WhatsApp MOD apk.
  • Step 2. Go to your file manager and click on the JT WhatsApp
  • Step 3. After this, your system will pop up a window asking permission for “Unknown Sources”. It must consent to install any third-party app. So please enable it.
  • Step 4. If you have enabled unknown sources before then Skip the 3rd step.
  • Step 4. Click on the install button and wait until the installation process continues.
  • Step 5. Now click open and enjoy your JT WhatsApp for free.

Useful FAQs

Is JT WhatsApp safe to use?

ans. Yes JT WhatsApp is safe and secure to use. Also, it has many amazing MOD features and customizations to increase your security.

Can I use JT WhatsApp along with WhatsApp on one device?

ans. Yes, you can download and install JT WhatsApp and use it along with WhatsApp, but you must use two different accounts on both apps. It’s a primary rule of WhatsApp that only one account can be signed on one device.

How does JT WhatsApp develop?

ans. JT WhatsApp was developed from WhatsApp+ one of the most popular WhatsApp mods of its time. The developer added more modern features and modified an app called “JT WhatsApp”.

Who is the developer of JT WhatsApp?

ans. JT WhatsApp was developed by L.Rezzi, They are the developer and maker of JT WhatsApp.

How can I download JT WhatsApp for future updates?

Ans. JT WhatsApp has an amazing intricated In-build app update. Also, you can directly download JT WhatsApp and more WhatsApp MODs from Gbwaofficial.com.

What is the use of JT themes?

ans. JT themes are the most important aspect of JT WhatsApp, It has thousands of attractive themes in its JT theme store.

Which Android version is required to install JT WhatsApp?

ans. You must have at least Android version 4 or more to install and use JT WhatsApp.

Which OS supports JT WhatsApp?

ans. JT WhatsApp is supported by Android OS and IOs. It’s the most used OS in the world.


In this article, we have shared JT WhatsApp with you. It’s one of the most popular WhatsApp mods in the market. JT WhatsApp has thousands of customizations and features to give you more fun. we have covered some important points in the overview, how to use it, and what is WhatsApp. , Why JT WhatsApp? features and many more. Also, we have shared the JT WhatsApp direct download link on our website. So download JT WhatsApp and enjoy many features and thousands of customizations without any restrictions.


In the above article, we have shared the JT WhatsApp APK. JT WhatsApp is one of the top WhatsApp MODs available today. It has many customizable interfaces and features. We have shared some important points regarding JT WhatsApp. Also, we have shared a direct download link to download JT WhatsApp for free. You can visit our website Gbwaofficial.com or more exciting WhatsApp MODs like GB WhatsApp, FM WhatsApp, Yo WhatsApp, and many more. We provide a free and safe MOD apk. If you have any questions, suggestions, or complaints regarding our website or content then comment to us, and we will reply to you soon…

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