MB WhatsApp APK Download (V9.93) Latest Version For Free

App NameMB WhatsApp
Size60 MB
VersionV9.93 (Official Version)
Android Requirement4.1+
Updated On2 Hours Ago

Are you using the same WhatsApp for messaging? Are you aware of cool? WhatsApp MOD features?, Do you know about MB Whatsapp APK?, If yes then stay tuned to this article. I will be going to share a very amazing WhatsApp alternative, which is MB Whatsapp. It’s one of the most popular Whatsapp mods in 23. There are many fabulous features and customizations in it. You can use many additional features on it. Also, I will share some key points of MB Whatsapp APK, like What is MB Whatsapp?, Why do you need it? Why it’s better than WhatsApp? and the top features it? Also for your safety, we have shared a direct download link of MB Whatsapp APK. This is the most genuine website to download Whatsapp MODs for free. So read the article carefully and don’t skip any information from it.

What is WhatsApp Messenger?

From ancient history, we humans have evolved and learned everything. Our evolution taught us to serve and learn new things. That’s why we get bored with a thing. In history, the medium of communication was letters, people, and sometimes pigeons. But as we upgraded our method of communication it also changed. In this modern time, we use the internet and social media to communicate with each other.

The most popular Social media platform for communication is WhatsApp. It’s the king of digital communications. It’s used worldwide, it has many features to interact with people. You can chat, share media, and share photos and videos with WhatsApp. Also, there are options to make voice and video calls using WhatsApp. You can set a 30-sec status which will be visible to your contacts in the status section. Also, you can make groups, do group chatting, and share things among them. These are some features of WhatsApp. But WhatsApp has many limitations and problems too. In WhatsApp you can’t set the status for more than 30 sec, you can only send limited images and videos. Also, there is very little feature available to protect your privacy. There are also many data bridges on WhatsApp, which makes your data unsafe. Due to all these reasons, people are getting to use WhatsApp alternatives like MB Whatsapp.

What Is MB WhatsApp APK?

MB Whatsapp is one of the best WhatsApp MOD available on the internet. It has many mind-blowing features, thousands of customizable options, and exclusive themes. There are many features to make your privacy and security more than any other WhatsApp MOD. You can freeze last seen, Custom call blocking, Secure app lock, hide chatting status, and make custom privacy settings differently. All these features are freely available in MB WhatsApp, you don’t need to root your device, or no need to install any third-party application for it.

One of the best features of MB WhatsApp is custom theme support. You can install custom themes on it. MB WhatsApp has its own MB Theme Store. There are many amazing themes available in it for free. You don’t need to pay for any theme. All themes are fully customizable and offer an attractive interface. There are many beautiful themes available in the MB theme store. Download MB Whatsapp’s Latest version APK from GBwaofficial.com and enjoy all the amazing features for free. MB WhatsApp doesn’t ask you a single penny, It’s all free and easy to use MB WhatsApp.

Pros & Cons Of MB WhatsApp APK


  1. Thousands of customization options- MB WhatsApp has thousands of customization options available. You can customize MB WhatsApp however you want.
  2. Custom Themes Option- MB WhatsApp has its theme store, You have a custom theme option and you can install any theme from it.
  3. More Private & Secure – MB WhatsApp is more private and secure than WhatsApp. It has many amazing features to increase your privacy and security. You can hide your chatting status, and enable WhatsApp and chat lock.
  4. Limitless Customisations- MB WhatsApp is fully customizable, you can edit it from top to bottom. Everything from it is customizable and you can make it unique.


  1. Depends on WhatsApp- MB WhatsApp is a modified version of WhatsApp. It’s reliable on WhatsApp for base features and servers.
  2. Not an Official version- MB WhatsApp is not an official version, it’s a MOD of WhatsApp.
  3. Not on the Play Store -MB WhatsApp is not available on the Play Store so you can download it from this post, We have shared a direct download link for MB WhatsApp.

Download MB WhatsApp APK For Free

MB WhatsApp is one of the best WhatsApp mods, but it’s also important to download it from a safe place. Many people download WhatsApp MOD from any website and complain about it. Many websites on the internet just provide you with the wrong version of MB WhatsApp. So you should download MB WhatsApp’s Latest Version from an authentic website only, like GBwaofficial.com.

GBwaofficial is the official website to download all WhatsApp MODs. There are all versions of WhatsApp MOD. Also, you can easily download GB WhatsApp, FM WhatsApp, Aero WhatsApp, WhatsApp Gold, and all other WhatsApp MODs for free. GBwaofficial only provides APKs after testing and provides safe and secure WhatsApp MODs only. GBwaofficial doesn’t charge you any money or a subscription to download WhatsApp alternatives. It’s free to download all kinds of APKs from there.

Fabulous Features Of MB WhatsApp APK

List Of Features

  1. Auto reply Options
  2. More Private
  3. More Secure
  4. MB Sticker Manager
  5. Hot MB Themes
  6. Outstanding Layout
  7. Who Blocked Me?
  8. Universal Options
  9. Anti Status deleting
  10. Hide the Forwarded sign
  11. Conversation Screen options
  12. Dedicated Notification settings
  13. Feels Like IOS
  14. Anti-message detection
  15. MB Widgets
  16. Other Settings
  17. Anti-View Once
  18. Dedicated Privacy Options
  19. MB WhatsApp Lock
  20. Caller settings
  21. Anti Ban
  22. No Root Needed

Auto reply Options

Do you want to reply to someone, but are worried about forgetting it? No problem my friend MB Whatsapp will help you out. You can set Auto-reply options in MB WhatsApp. With this feature, you don’t need to reply to all messages, just set it up once and you have done it. Next time when someone sends you a message and if you have already set a reply to that particular message, then your reply will be sent to them directly. You don’t need to select and do replies all the time. It’s a very amazing feature and saves time, also it’s very helpful for businesses and enterprises.

More Private

MB WhatsApp cares about your privacy because MB WhatsApp has many amazing features to increase your privacy. In this feature you can choose who can view your chat status, Last seen, profile pic, about, status, blocked contacts, and many more. You can also get auto-disappearing messages in MB WhatsApp. You can also check if is there anyone tracking your live location. All these are features to increase your privacy.

More Secure

MB WhatsApp is safer and more secure than old WhatsApp. It has increased the end-to-end encryption for text and voice messages, Audio and video calls, photos and videos, documents, location sharing, and status updates. All of these are fully encrypted and cannot be read by anyone else.

MB Sticker Manager

MB WhatsApp has a fabulous sticker collection. In their MB Sticker Manager, you will get millions of stickers free of cost. Also, there are many amazing sticker packs, just download and install them. There is nothing more needed. MB sticker manager will give you premium stickers for free. You don’t need to give a single penny to them. So download MB WhatsApp now and use millions of stickers.

Hot MB Themes

Whatsapp MODs have many amazing customizations, themes, and features. When it comes to MB WhatsApp, you will get MB Themes. MB Themes has many hot, premium, free-of-cost themes in its store. There are thousands of attractive themes in the MB theme store. You just need to download MB Whatsapp APK and choose your theme. MB themes offer one-click instant installation, You don’t need to have much technical knowledge to install themes. So what are you waiting for, Go to GBwaOfficial and download MB Whatsapp now..!

Outstanding Layout

MB Whatsapp has introduced a new exclusive layout for their app. You all will love its impressive experience, it has a very attractive layout and theme settings. You can easily make your WhatsApp unique and interesting. There are many options to make your MB WhatsApp layout more interesting and cool, You can customize it to the next level.

Who Blocked Me?

Do you know how many people blocked ?, But no more my friend. MB WhatsApp has amazing features to show a person list, whoever blocked you. It’s an amazing feature and shows the list of person who has blocked you. No WhatsApp mod has these amazing features, you can use these features only in MB WhatsApp APK.

Universal Options

MB WhatsApp has the option to customize its interface fully. You can easily get all the most important settings in Universal options. There are many amazing features and options in MB WhatsApp Universal options. You can do settings for the looks and feels of MB WhatsApp, media settings, backup and restore options, color settings, and background image settings. There is nothing you can’t change in MB WhatsApp.

Anti Status deleting

MB WhatsApp has an awesome feature to disable status deleting, No one can delete any status if you don’t want to do that. All statuses will be visible to you for up to 24 hours, Also if someone deletes their status it will only be deleted from their WhatsApp, not from your MB WhatsApp.This is a very useful feature and enables you to watch anyone’s status without any thread to delete it.

Hide the Forwarded sign

Do you know about the WhatsApp Forwarded tag? you will get this tag if any message gets forwarded to two or more people. But with MB WhatsApp you can hide it easily. There is no restriction or limitations in MB WhatsApp. You can easily send any message without any forwarded tag. You can send any message seamlessly.

Conversation Screen options

MB WhatsApp has exclusive settings for the conversation Screen. It’s the most used screen in any WhatsApp alternative. You will get many amazing customizable options with this feature. You can set profile pic settings, translation options, action button settings, stocker options, pics settings, and many more. You can easily change all these settings and use MB WhatsApp ultimately.

Dedicated Notification settings

In WhatsApp Notification is very important, There is various notification from many chats. You will get many amazing features in notification settings. You can set vibration, silence, general, and all other modes without any interruptions. You can also set custom music and increase sound settings. You can easily use all these settings.

Feels Like IOS

MB WhatsApp has an amazing IOS interface, all these features and design of MB WhatsApp are like IOS. There are many amazing transmissions and effects on MB WhatsApp. All these look very cool and amazing. No WhatsApp mod gives you an interface like MB WhatsApp. So install MB WhatsApp on your device and enjoy the IOS interface on it.

Anti-message detection

MB WhatsApp has a feature to disable message-deleting. It’s called anti-message deletion. No message will be deleted from your device, Also if the sender deletes the message from WhatsApp. MB WhatsApp saves that particular message and shows you without letting it be deleted.

MB Widgets

MB Widgets are one of the most popular features of MB WhatsApp. You can easily get many amazing widgets for free. There are many options to customize your widgets with thousands of options. There is nothing you can’t change in widgets. You can change color, text, background colors, and many more. Get the MB WhatsApp app from GBwaofficial.com directly.

Other Settings

MB WhatsApp has a special section to edit all other settings. All miscellaneous settings are available in these options. You can easily use all these settings and use MB WhatsApp a better way. You can set toast, and sizer settings for rows, columns, stickers, and many more. There are many amazing settings options in it.

Anti-View Once

You may use WhatsApp’s new features view once, it is a new feature from WhatsApp. It allows a user to open a message only once. After that message will be deleted. There is no option to disable it on WhatsApp. But no more my friend, MB WhatsApp has the option to disable view once messaging. Its anti-view once message feature will automatically save messages for you and allows you to view them unlimited times. There will be no restriction on it if you use MB WhatsApp.

Dedicated Privacy Options

MB WhatsApp has many amazing features to increase your privacy, one of those amazing features is Custom privacy settings. You can select custom privacy settings for contacts, groups, and broadcasts especially. You can hide your chatting status, your DP, and all other privacy options from it.

MB WhatsApp Lock

MB WhatsApp is the smart WhatsApp of the internet. It has a specially dedicated app lock. You can easily set up that app lock and use it seamlessly. There are many unlocking options available for it. You can use fingerprint, password, and pattern type of lock. There are many additional features in MB WhatsApp lock. You can set up a security guy in MB WhatsApp.

Caller settings

MB WhatsApp has custom call blocking and message options. No, you can block anyone for WhatsApp calls only. You can easily select any contact and set up caller settings for them. You can add a custom message in MB WhatsApp. There are some messages like Call declined, Not answered, Unable to call at this moment,… unable to receive WhatsApp calls at this moment.

Anti Ban

There are many rumors about MB WhatsApp and its authenticity. But let me clear all your doubts. The latest version of MB WhatsApp has Anti-Ban features in it. Now your WhatsApp account is fully safe and you can easily talk to other people on the internet. This is a very amazing feature and offers a stable user-friendly interface.

No Root Needed

If you do think that you need to root your device to install MB WhatsApp?z then you are wrong my friend MB WhatsApp has amazing features and thousands of customizations and themes in one app. You don’t need to root your device. Using MB WhatsApp is a cool, amazing, and massive interface, You can do like it, Shawn

Step-by-step Installation Process

We have shared step by step installation process for installing MB WhatsApp on your phone, so follow it and do the installation carefully.

Step 1. First, of all,l all download MB WhatsApp Latest Version from GBwaofficial.com

Step 2. Till the downloading process is going on, go to settings>>Permission>>Unkown Sources. Or just search Unkown Sources in settings. Open this setting and enable it.

Step 3. If you have enabled it before, then you can skip that step.

Step 4. Then go to your file viewer search for the MB WhatsApp APK and open it.

Step 5. Now click on the install button and wait till the installation process gets done.

Step 6. After the installation process is done, click on open and enjoy your MB WhatsApp without any interruptions.

Frequently Asked Questions About MB WhatsApp

Is it safe to use MB WhatsApp APK?

ans. Yes, it’s safe to use MB WhatsApp, it’s just a modified version of WhatsApp. Also, it has many features to increase your privacy and make it safer.

How to download MB WhatsApp’s latest Version?

ans. Many websites will say that they will provide the latest version of MB WhatsApp but they will never give it to you. You can download MB WhatsApp’s latest version from GBwaofficial.com.

How can I install custom themes on WhatsApp?

ans. Although there are many options available, you can get thousands of themes in its theme store.

How can I shift to MB WhatsApp?

ans. Shifting from WhatsApp to MB WhatsApp is a very easy task. Firstly take your data backup and then you can install MB WhatsApp. In the sign-in process, you will find a “restore data” option to delete the restore your data.

Can I use of WhatsApp account on MB WhatsApp?

ans. Yes, you can use your WhatsApp account in MB WhatsApp seamlessly. There is no restriction from MB WhatsApp, it allows you to use WhatsApp with it.

From where can I download the latest version of MB WhatsApp?

ans. Download the latest version of MB WhatsApp is no big deal now, you can easily download the latest version of MB WhatsApp and other WhatsApp MODs from GBwaofficial.com

Which are the supported OS platforms for MB WhatsApp?

Ans. MB WhatsApp is supported universally, you can download and install it on Android, IOS, and Windows OS for free of cost.

How can I hide my cheating status on WhatsApp?

Ans. MB WhatsApp allows you to hide chatting status, like Typing, recording, and listening signs from your profile. You can do all these with the help of MB WhatsApp.

Last Wordings

In this article, I have shared MB WhatsApp’s latest version APK with you. It’s a very powerful WhatsApp alternative today. It has many amazing features and thousands of customization options, You can do everything in it for free. We have shared important about various topics of MB WhatsApp, like What is MB WhatsApp? why should we use it? How to download and install it? and many more. So read the article carefully to know more about MB WhatsApp. Also, I have shared the MB WhatsApp direct download link from GBwaofficial. com, it’s an authentic platform to download it.


In the above article, I have shared MB WhatsApp with you all. It’s one of the most popular WhatsApp alternatives used by millions of people. It’s very famous and popular in today’s world. You can easily download it from GBwaofficial.com, It’s an official website to download all kinds of WhatsApp alternatives for free. GBwaofficial has all APK tested and provides you full safety about it. You can download older to the latest versions of WhatsApp MOD for free. There are many amazing WhatsApp MODs available, like GB WhatsApp, FM WhatsApp, NS WhatsApp, and many more. You can download it all for free. Also if anyone has any problems, questions, or suggestions about our content or website you can get in touch with us in the comment section. Also, you can fill out a contact form and send your query from it. We will reply very soon …

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