WhatsApp Gold APK Download (V35.00) Latest Version 23

App NameGold WhatsApp
Size56 MB
VersionV35.00 (Official Version)
Android Requirement4.1+
Updated On2 Hours Ago

Are you looking for the best WhatsApp MOD ?, Have you heard about WhatsApp Gold ?, Do you want to use WhatsApp in a new way? So my friend your search has ended. In this article, I have shared an amazing WhatsApp MOD, and it’s called Gold WhatsApp. WhatsApp Gold is the king of WhatsApp mods. It’s the most popular WhatsApp MOD among people. It has many amazing effects and features. We have also discussed on Overview, features, and Why WhatsApp holds many important points it. We have shared the WhatsApp gold direct download link, it’s a very MOD APK with all features. So read them carefully to install WhatsApp Gold Android properly.

Overview OF WhatsApp Gold

WhatsApp is been one of the most essential parts of communication, especially in this digital era. Social media is everything, everyone is on social media, and like this most people use WhatsApp to communicate with each other. But as we are developing day by day, it’s likely boring to use the same WhatsApp with the same features.

To overcome this problem many people are diverting to WhatsApp MODs, like GB WhatsApp, Yo WhatsApp, FM WhatsApp, Aero WhatsApp, WhatsApp Gold, etc. However, there is much confusion and misunderstanding among people about these MODs. So our site gbwaOfficial.com is developed to aware people of WhatsApp MODs and their features. So you can easily select the best for your accordingly to your use. we have shared all WhatsApp MODs on our site, you can download them from here for free.

What is WhatsApp Messager APK?

WhatsApp Messenger is one of the most popular social media platforms, It’s a very powerful platform used worldwide to chat and communicate with each other. However many of us know about it very well, but whoever doesn’t know it here is a quick summary about WhatsApp. WhatsApp is used to communicate with each other and share their life experience with chat, images, videos, calling, and many more. It has many features to connect seamlessly.

There are all the necessary features available in WhatsApp, but it doesn’t have a user interaction interface. You can’t hide more privacy in it and it doesn’t have as many features. These are some of the drawbacks of WhatsApp. It’s a primary reason because of why people are moving to WhatsApp Mods like WhatsApp Gold.

What is WhatsApp Gold APK In 23?

WhatsApp Gold is one of the WhatsApp MODs available on the internet. But it’s not like same as that. It has many customizable options, features, and effects. It’s nothing but an upgraded version of WhatsApp. It has a user-interactive interface to help you a better understanding of WhatsApp Gold. It’s considered the king of WhatsApp MOD. WhatsApp Gold is 100% working and safe MOD.

WhatsApp Gold is made and developed by Alternado7, also known as Naser. It’s a very interesting WhatsApp MOD, it’s more focused on beauty, effects, and looks. But it doesn’t mean you need to compromise about other WhatsApp MOD features. It has all the features of the WhatsApp MODs and also it has some additional features that you will not see in other WhatsApp MODs. WhatsApp Gold is considered the king of WhatsApp Gold.

Why should we use WhatsApp Gold APK?

This article is especially about WhatsApp Gold. We have discussed all the important points about it. But many people have a question, Why should we use WhatsApp Gold APK?, So the answer is simple my friend WhatsApp Gold is the ultimate modified version of WhatsApp. It’s one of the most popular WhatsApp MODs. There are many additional features to make use of it more. It’s a free and open-source app. It doesn’t charge you a single penny. Also, it’s ad-free and safe to use.

WhatsApp Gold is the most popular MOD of WhatsApp, it has amazing effects, themes, features, and many more to increase your attention. WhatsApp Gold has a theme store, with thousands of amazing themes. All themes are free to use and have many customizable options. Also, WhatsApp Gold is known as the king of WhatsApp MOD because of its user-friendly UI and easy-to-use interface.

Download WhatsApp Gold APK’s latest version in 23

Many people have the confusion that from where to download WhatsApp Gold’s latest version. So we have solved your problem. On our website GBwaofficial, we have shared a direct download link for WhatsApp Gold. You will never find Whatsapp Gold in the Play Store as this is an open-source app developer that gives it for free. Because of this many websites share, fake and risky WhatsApp Gold. So it’s very important to download it from a genuine platform.

We have tested and then shared genuine and safe WhatsApp MODs only. The main motive of our website is to provide genuine and safe MODS to people for free. So go to our website download WhatsApp Gold APK 22, and check out more interesting WhatsApp MODs.

Powerful Features Of WhatsApp Gold APK

WhatsApp Gold is the king of the WhatsApp MOD era. It has thousands of customization options and features to make its users happy. We have shared the top features of WhatsApp Gold below with its explanation. You can easily get to know which features are helpful to you.

List of Features

  1. Auto Reply
  2. Add more accounts
  3. Bulk message sending
  4. Notification settings
  5. Special Gold Themes store
  6. Universal Settings option
  7. Amazing effects and customize
  8. Home Screen Settings
  9. Temporary  files cleaner
  10. Gold Widget
  11. Dedicated Gold Lock
  12. Hide the “forwarded” tag
  13. Dedicated Privacy Options
  14. Call blocking and reply
  15. Message “Revoke”
  16. Disable “view once”
  17. Snooze Last seen
  18. More media sharing
  19. Anti-Ban version
  20. Hide Status ‘viewed’
  21. Disable Status deleting
  22. Hide Status (typing.., recording…)

Auto Reply

Whatsapp Gold is the king of WhatsApp mod and the reason behind is its amazing features and customization. One of the most loving features is Auto Reply. Whatsapp gold auto-reply allows you to set up an automatic reply for messages. you can set a specific message and its reply. Also, you can select the custom user and set the auto-reply for them only. It’s a very amazing feature and very useful for small businesses and enterprises who don’t afford auto message reply services coast. Also is very useful to attract people and increase engagement.

Add Multiple accounts

Many people like me use more than 1 WhatsApp account. WhatsApp Gold has amazing features of multi accounts features, with this feature you can add multiple accounts (users) in WhatsApp Gold. It’s a very exclusive feature of WhatsApp Gold, hence it’s very popular too. Adding multiple accounts and switching users to the same WhatsApp Gold app is a very cool thing.

Bulk message sending

Bulk message sending is also one of the most fabulous features of Whatsapp Gold.  Now, In WhatsApp Gold, you can send the same message to as many people as you want, there are no restrictions or limits.  Also with a Bulk messages sender, you can easily send mass messages.  It’s a very helpful feature that saves time and work. Just you need to set up Bulk messages sending features, adding participants and your messages.  After that just press the send button and boom,  your messages are sensed by everyone you choose.  without any hassle. So download WhatsApp all Gold APK now..!

Notification settings

We get many WhatsApp notifications daily, so it gets harder to specify the important notifications and others. So here are WhatsApp Gold notification settings that will help you. WhatsApp Gold has special customizations for notification settings. There are many additional settings for notification you can do. You can disable the contact toast, Ring tone, Status ‘viewed’ toast(notification), change the background and text colors, and many more.

Special Gold Themes store

Whatsapp gold is mainly popular because of its effects and themes. The Special Gold theme store has thousands of customizable themes. It has many beautiful and amazing looks and themes.  You will get all themes unlocked and free to use.  Whatsapp Gold doesn’t charge for any features,  it’s a free APK. Every theme will give an amazing look to WhatsApp Gold, there are many attractive themes available in the WhatsApp Gold theme store.  So download and choose your favorite theme now..!

Universal Settings option

WhatsApp Gold has many customizable settings and options. One of the most helpful settings is Universal Settings, WhatsApp Gold Universal Settings has many options to change the Colour, style, looks, and feels of WhatsApp Gold. It’s a very helpful feature to make WhatsApp more user-friendly and attractive.

Amazing effects and customize

WhatsApp Gold is popular for its unbelievable customizations and effects. You will see many amazing effects, whenever you rotate a window or change the settings. There are many effects options, like Page viewer, animation options, Chat list animation, and many more. There are many additional options to add and customize WhatsApp Gold effects very easily. It’s a very good feature and works very well on every phone. 

Home Screen Settings

The home screen is the most used in WhatsApp Gold. So WhatsApp Gold has the option to edit the home screen fully. You can easily customize the Header home screen UI, separate groups, action button, recent chat settings, and many more. There is nothing you can’t change, from header to footer you can change everything in the WhatsApp gold APK.

Temporary files cleaner

WhatsApp is used in many ways,  for chatting and sharing images,  videos, and media files, but many times we forget to clean this cache and it just increases day by day.  Also, it affects the performance of your phone. But no more my friend, Whtaspp gold has fabulous features that clean temporary files and save your storage. It’s a very helpful feature,  it not only cleans unwanted files but also increases the performance of your phone.

Gold Widget

WhatsApp Gold has amazing widgets and features. There are many customizations in the WhatsApp Gold widgets. You can change the background, its colors, contact name colors, contact status text, and color. etc are the customizable features of gold widgets. It’s a very cool feature of WhatsApp Gold.

Dedicated Gold Lock

Privacy is everything,  and when it comes to WhatsApp it is more important.  Because we have personal chats and conversations,  which is not for anybody other.  WhatsApp Gold respects your privacy Whatsapp Gold has a dedicated special lock for its APK. Its Gold lock has many additional features to make your privacy more than any WhatsApp MOD.

Hide the “forwarded” tag

You have sent a message to 3 or more people you have a forward tag at the top of that message, but is very annoying and seems the message is fake. But with WhatsApp Gold, you can hide the “forwarded” tag in the message. Also, the forwarded tag will be hidden if you send a message to many people at the same it. It’s a very helpful feature to share messages without any interruptions.

Dedicated Privacy Options

WhatsApp Gold is very concerned about your privacy. It has many features and dedicated privacy options to make your privacy more than ever. In WhatsApp Gold, you can enable different privacy options, like hiding blue Ticks, hiding microphone activity, hiding typing, hiding recording, and many more. You can set any options for contacts, groups, and Broadcast separately. It has amazing features and is very useful too.

Call blocking and reply

Whatsapp MODS gives you call blocking and options, but WhatsApp gold is one step forward and allows you to block the call and replay by a custom message. You can set any user and its response, whenever someone calls you. There is customs message like No Internet (“calling ” sign), call denied, Not receiving, and … is unable to receive WhatsApp calls at this moment. So whenever someone blocked a person calls they will see the above message whichever you will get.

Message “Revoke”

Many times someone sends you a message and they delete it suddenly, and it gets deleted from your WhatsApp too. So it should not happen WhatsApp Gold has a fabulous feature of message Revoke. After enabling these features no one will be able to delete any message, also if they do then it will be only deleted from their account, not from yours. It’s a very helpful feature concerning privacy.

Disable “view once”

WhatsApp has introduced its new feature view once if anyone sends a message and on this feature, that message will be only shown once per user. But WhatsApp Gold has the option to disable these features. You can disable these features and view messages unlimited times Messages will be hidden from you after this option.

Snooze Last seen

WhatsApp Gold is more concerned about its privacy and security. You can hide your Last seen in this WhatsApp Gold. No one will be able to view your charging status, typing, and many more options. it’s a free feature of WhatsApp Gold and gives you overall control of your account.

More media sharing

In the original WhatsApp doesn’t allow you to share media files more than a limit also it has a limit to image and video sharing. But with WhatsApp Gold, you can simply send unlimited media files and images. There will be no restrictions and nothing. You don’t need to give any money to use these Features. Just download the WhatsApp gold APK from our website and you can use all features for free

Hide Status ‘viewed’

What if you can see someone’s status without getting viewed, looks impossible right? but my friend it’s possible. WhatsApp Gold has a feature to hide the status ‘viewed’. You can easily watch anyone’s status and they will never know about it. It’s a very helpful feature to increase your privacy and make you more private.

Disable Status deleting

You must have watched that many people delete their status before time, and sometimes you miss watching it. It should not happen again WhatsApp Gold has a feature that permanently disables status deletion. No one’s status will be deleted within 24 hours. It will be compulsory for your contacts to show their status at least for 24 hours. So you can watch it anyhow.

Hide Status (typing.., recording…)

Who doesn’t like to sustain their privacy, But it gets spoiled when everyone watches the typing and recording status on your privacy. But you can hide this status easily using WhatsApp Gold. It gives you access to hide Trying recordings, microphone, and activities you do in the chat box. Also, you can hide your online status and freeze it to the previous one.

Step by the Step Installation process

  1. First, Click on the download button, and then it will redirect you to the downloading page. Then click on download and your download will start for WhatsApp Gold. Wait till it completes.
  2. Once it’s completed, go to your file manager search for the WhatsApp Gold APK, which we have downloaded, and click on it
  3. After this, your system will ask for “unknown sources” permission so enable it. If you have done this before, then you can skip this step.
  4. Then click on install and wait till the installation process is going on.
  5. After it completes, click on open and start the sign-in process…

Useful FAQs

How can I download the WhatsApp Gold APK?

ans. You can easily download WhatsApp Gold from gbwaofficial.com, it’s an official website to download WhatsApp MODs with genuine and safe APK tested.

Where can I find updates on WhatsApp Gold?

ans. You can’t find WhatsApp Gold on the Play Store because you need to download it from a third-party website, and one of the best websites to download WhatsApp MODs is GBwaofficial.com, It provides all the latest version updates and WhatsApp MODs for free.

Can I use more than one account in the same WhatsApp gold APK?

ans. Yes, WhatsApp Gold has fabulous features that allow you to add more than one account to WhatsApp.Also, you can easily shuffle between users with an option.

Can I use WhatsApp Gold along with the original WhatsApp on the same device?

ans. yes, you can easily install and use WhatsApp Gold and original WhatsApp on the same device without any interruptions.

Is WhatsApp Gold Safe to Use?

ans. Yes, WhatsApp Gold is safe and secure to use. It’s just a modified version of WhatsApp which includes all basic features + additional features and thousands of customizations. It’s a very open-source MOD APK.

Is my account safe with WhatsApp Gold?

ans. Yes, WhatsApp Gold’s latest version of APK comes with anti-ban features. This feature protects your account and makes it safer than other MODs.

Which Operating System supports WhatsApp Gold APK?

ans. WhatsApp Gold is supported by Android, iOS, and Windows. You can easily download this app and use it with all operating styles. Allow it to be a very safe and secure APK.


In this article, I have shared the WhatsApp gold APK with you. It’s the most popular WhatsApp MOD. It has brand-new features and thousands of customizations to make it more powerful. Also, it’s simple and easy to use. We have also covered an overview, of what is WhatsApp?, WhatsApp Gold? and why to use it. also, we have discussed its installation process and useful FAQs. We have provided the direct download link for WhatsApp Gold. So download it from there for a genuine app.


In the above article, we have Shared WhatsApp Gold’s latest version apk with you. It’s one of the most important and used WhatsApp MODs. It’s a very customizable and user-friendly interface app we have also shared direct downloads like WhatsApp Gold via our website GBwaofficial.com. There we have shared all WhatsApp MODs with details and provided a safe download link for each WhatsApp MOD. So check it out. If you have any questions, suggestions, or complaints regarding the content or website then comment below, and we will reply to you very soon.

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